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5 tips to practice yoga everyday at home

Practice yoga everyday and feel the difference! Practice a few asanas each day and discover the benefits of yoga. You don’t need too much, you only need a space as big as your yoga mat!

It is well-known by all practitioners that practice yoga every day, even a short yoga practice, has big rewards to offer. In fact, only practising just a few poses at home on a regular basis, will bolster up what is learnt during a yoga lesson, and prepare you for the next class. A home practice helps find students not only becoming more flexible and strong, but more calm and resilient when facing life’s ups and downs.

Start by practising Surya Namaskar for 10 mins a day. Light a candle and place it on a small altar at the front of your mat. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Respect your body, do yoga poses gently and keep smiling.


Tips to practice yoga everyday at home

1. Set a goal of a 15 Minutes practice
Set the alarm 15 min earlier and step on your mat every day. If you find this too difficult to fit into your daily, schedule, begin by making a commitment to do at least three Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) each day.
Even if your day is packed with things to do, don’t lose enthusiasm and keep going! During those days, when more time is available, extend your time into a longer practice.
Allowing yourself the time to do yoga is often a bigger challenge than the yoga itself!

2. Create a sacred space
Find a comfortable place in your home for your practice, where you can easily roll your mat out. Create space around you (not much, you only need a mat-size space), light a candle and place it on a small altar at the front. Depending on the amount of space you have, keep this space as “sacred”, and make your dedication to yoga a part of your permanent living space.

3. Schedule It At The Same Time Every Day
Choose what time of the day is ideal for your home yoga practice. Pretend that it is a job (much funnier, though) and you have to do it at the same time. Maybe first thing in the morning, or maybe after work, to relax and forget about your boss. Whenever it is, commit to practice at the same time, and make it a must.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Don’t worry if you do not have that fashionable yoga outfit that you see in all those videos. It’s enough to wear comfortable clothes, a comfy pair of t-shirts or even your pyjamas will make the job! Wear clothing that keeps the body fresh, made with natural fabrics.

5. Respect your body

Respect your body and practice yoga poses gently, always with a smile. Practising fast asanas or going beyond your body limits will not bring quicker results, but can rather lead to injuries. Let go of perfection and surrender your ego. The beauty of your home yoga practice is that you listen to your body, you are alone with yourself and will find the teacher within you.

Remember, distractions happen. Cats come and lay on your mat, or purr on your lap while you meditate, your boyfriend decides to wear that shirt and it is not ironed. Keep calm and  practice yoga everyday! This is yoga, after all, learning to be present and accept the gifts of your life (including annoying cats and grumpy boyfriends). Whatever happens, let go of any expectations and worries, return to your breath and be mindful of your response to the distractions. Yoga is about real life, real you.
Now it’s time to take a breath and step on the mat!

Love&lights, beautiful souls!

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