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How to start doing yoga at home?

Learn how to start doing yoga at home? It’s possible!

Do you want to learn how to do yoga, but don’t have time for a group lesson? Are you looking for a way to relax quickly and cheaply? I have few tips for you.

Practice yoga at home!

There are excellent textbooks, DVDs, and yoga classes online.

To get started easily and be sure you are adopting best practices, just follow our simple tips …

Why practice yoga?

Do you think you need to exercise, to move? Do you want to tone your body, have more flexibility? Do you really need to release tensions? These are good reasons to start practicing yoga.

Yoga helps relieve stress. As in meditation, by listening to your breath and your sensations, yoga allows you to let yourself go by living in the moment. You will forget the worries of everyday life, automatic thoughts. After a yoga session, you will feel relaxed and have regained energy!

Another good news … Anyone can do yoga! Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not only for women. It is a very complete discipline suitable for everyone: men, women, children, and the elderly … Just take the necessary precautions to practice it according to your abilities and goals.

Yoga has a great advantage over other physical activities: it is a gentle sport that acts in depth. In fact, yoga stresses the muscles in a very particular way. Unlike bodybuilding, which works on a targeted muscle area, yoga works on all muscles in-depth and length through the lining and stretching movements.

And when you start, you will soon understand that you will not get bored because there are so many types of yoga: hatha yoga, vinyasa, kundalini, restorative, ashtanga, yin, hot yoga …

Yoga exercises for beginners. How to start doing yoga at home

So, how to start doing yoga at home on your own? As a beginner, the important thing is to be in good condition and to start easy to take care of your body and not get injured!

To get yourself ready and practice yoga:

  • set aside half an hour or an hour a day that you won’t be disturbed
  • spread out your yoga mat
  • put your smartphone in silent mode
  • listen to good music that can help you isolate yourself and relax. You can even prepare a special 30- or 60-minute thematic playlist.

One last thing to keep in mind: breathing is an integral part of yoga. Make sure you inhale and exhale deeply during the exercise and move from one position to another.

How to do Yoga? Three exercises for beginners:

The sitting position

The sitting position is ideal for starting a yoga session. It soothes your mind and body and encourages you to stand up straight.

Sit cross-legged, the easiest position for beginners. Keep your torso, head, neck and back straight. Relax your shoulders, put your hands on your knees, palms up and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing.

Chair pose

Bend your knees keeping them above your ankles, thighs parallel to the ground as much as possible. Your torso should form a right angle with your thighs. Raise your hands to the sky as you breathe. Tip: Put your body weight on your heels so your knees don’t push too far forward.

Tree pose

The posture of the tree acts on balance and strengthens the muscles of the lower body.Shift your weight onto the left leg, place the sole of the right foot against the left ankle, open the right knee to the side, then move the right foot towards the thigh. Keep your head straight and contract your abdomen and buttocks.

Then join your hands in prayer and raise them above your head. Stretch them up, breathe and hold the position for a few moments. Then do the same on the other side.

The yoga equipment for beginners

It is not necessary to invest a lot in equipment to practice yoga at home. All you need are quality accessories to make the most of your sessions. Obviously, the more comfortable the accessory, the more you can let go and enjoy the benefits of yoga!

Choose a good quality mat!

The basic material practice yoga at home is mainly a good mat. You can start with a gym mat, but you will quickly see that it is not suitable for yoga practice: it slips, moves … The yoga mat, well padded preferably to protect your back and you do not feel the cold of the floor, allows you to stretch out and adopt the different positions in comfort. To choose a yoga mat, the main criteria are thickness, lightness, material, and price.

Second essential accessory after the mat: the outfit. Yoga clothes should be comfortable and close to the body to facilitate movement. You probably already have what you need at home: sporty leggings and a top or tank top are enough to get you started. If you choose to continue and practice yoga regularly, you will consider “technical” materials such as polyester or elastane.

Here are other accessories that you can purchase to practice yoga at home, depending on the exercises you like to do:

  • Pillows can support your body when you adopt certain positions, such as lotus, to avoid pressing your pelvis and sacrum too hard against the ground.
  • The oval-shaped meditation cushions are designed for meditation in a squatted sitting position, on the heels. They offer a wide and stable posture.
  • Bricks are used, for example, in balance positions and avoid leaning backward. You can start using books at home, but the bricks will be more stable. They exist at very affordable prices in large sports surfaces.

Let me know what you think about Yoga, and if you want to get started. Leave a comment if you have questions on how to start doing yoga at home, or just if you don’t know what type of yoga you should try. I’m always happy to reply and help you guys.


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