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Learn Pranayama Online. The magic of Yogic Breathing (Copy)


Learn Pranayama Online. The magic of Yogic Breathing

Learn how to use your yogic breathing to relax the mind, to increase focus and concentration, and to live a happier life. Learn Pranayama online with the guidance of our teacher.

These breathing techniques are backed by scientific method research.

  • You will be able to react to challenging life situations in a paced and calm manner
  • Your brain will be more active and your mind clearer, smarter and capable to learn new skills easier
  • You will relieve stress and anxiety from your life
  • Your breathing pattern will improve and also your lung capacity increased
  • Your immune system will get an incredible boost
  • Your skin will look brighter and glowing
  • Pranayama class is suitable for all levels.

Course Duration: 2h

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Learn Pranayama Online

Find stillness in both body and mind and achieve a higher state of awareness. 

What is Pranayama breathing and why you should start to practice it?

Pranayama basically is “breath control” or “expansion of the prana’.

What does Pranayama mean? Prana and Ayama. Prana means vital force, it is the life force. Without Prana, there is no life. Ayama means expansion, extension, training, control.

Constant practice of yogic breathing techniques will change your life completely.

What are the benefits of pranayama?

Important benefits of Pranayama are:

Improved Breathing – As breathing indicates life, Pranayama helps to improve breathing and increases lung capacity.

Relief from stress and anxiety – Pranayama affects the parasympathetic nervous system and allows us to be grounded and at peace.

Immune Booster – As the whole body gets more oxygen and energy, toxins are removed and cells rejuvenated, increasing T-cells productions – those who fight diseases.

Cardiovascular Health – Helps to improve blood circulation

Mental Sharpness – Improves focus, decision making, concentration and it helps to react calmly when adverse situations happen.

Digestion – Improves the digestive system thanks to abdominal muscle stimulation.

Anti-Aging effects – It provides oxygenation of the body tissues and cells, which is fundamental for glowing skin.


In case of any cardiac problem, consult your doctor before starting.

If you are pregnant, don’t retain the breath after exhalation and don’t practice Pranayama where there is abdominal contraction.

Always practice with an empty stomach and practice asanas before Pranayama.

Precautions for the practice of Pranayama breathing techniques

Don’t be in a rush! Take time to learn breathing techniques under the guidance of your yoga teacher who can guide you with Pranayama breathing techniques.

Slow but steady practice is essential. Pranayama breathing is a progressive method hence requires practice, practice, practice.

Before you get started:

  • In case of any cardiac problem, consult your doctor before starting.
  • If you are pregnant, don’t practice Pranayama where abdominal contraction is expected, don’t retain the breath after exhalation.
  • Practice always with an empty stomach (at least 3-4 hours after meals).
  • Practice yoga asana before Pranayama.
  • Don’t breathe through the mouth –  except some specific type of Pranayama, and most importantly, respect your limits. Be gentle with you and begin with a few weeks of Anulom Vilom to get used with the breathing, and to purify the energy channels.

You can read more about yogic breathing in my article: Yogic art of breathing: what is Pranayama and the magic of practicing it

Other sources: What is Pranayama?

What do you need to learn pranayama online?

  • Yoga mat or carpet or towel
  • Chair if you cannot seat on the floor
  • Pillow or meditation cushion

About the teacher

Jolanda Cristiano is a passionate yoga practitioner, student, and teacher. She is a certified Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation teacher.

Her passion for yoga takes her to India where she found her second home, and where she continues to learn yoga to share it with the world.

Her teaching method has inspired many practitioners to deepen the knowledge of authentic yoga and yogic lifestyle.

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