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Online Hatha Yoga Classes (Copy)


Online Hatha Yoga Classes for Beginners Online

Learn Yoga In the Comfort of Your Home With Yoganda Online Yoga School!

Yoga nourishes the body and the mind. Practice Hatha Yoga for beginners online with me. Awaken to your purpose. Discover your inner peace.


  • Builds Strength and Core Stability
  • Stimulate Immune System
  • The mind is more focused and balanced
  • Increases “feeling-good” hormone
  • Many more! Come and discover it

The practice is suitable for all levels. Book your spot for 1 hour of Hatha yoga for beginners online.

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Online Hatha Yoga Classes

Our Online Hatha Yoga Classes are ideal for practicing at home and still enjoying a real teacher that can guide you throughout your practice. Commit to yoga! Interact with the teacher, improve your asanas, take your skill to the next level!

Hatha yoga is an ancient science that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises).

Yoga boosts circulation, improves mental activity, boosts the immune system and it’s an excellent way to quiet the mind and listen to your inner self.

The focus of the class is guiding the student through a series of poses to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.  The paced, deep breathing also increases oxygen flow to body tissues.

Through the attention to breath and body, this Hatha yoga practice helps to create a state of harmony, either at the physical and emotional levels.

Join Hatha yoga for beginners online and bring peace to the body and mind.


Yoga mat
Comfortable Clothes
Something warm (jumper, scarf, blanket)
A smile!

Yoganda Online Yoga School

Yoganda Online Yoga School is designed by real people for real people. Whether you’re a busy home-worker in need of a quick morning energy boost, or a mom looking to relax with yoga. Whatever your level of experience, life stage, and aspirations, we’ll help you create an online yoga routine that’s uniquely your own.

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