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Free Yoga Course for Anxiety and Stress


Free Yoga Course for Anxiety and Stress

With this yoga course, you will learn the basics to stay present and feel grounded.

Reduce anxiety and depression symptoms
Increase blood circulation and lower high blood pressure
Decrease cortisol production (a stress-related hormone)
Relax the mind
Improve your sleeping pattern


Free Yoga Course to relieve Anxiety and Stress

In recent years, an increasing numbers of studies have emerged suggesting that yoga is an effective adjunct therapy for people experiencing stress and anxiety disorders.

This course offers a short introduction about yoga to relieve stress and anxiety. Yoga, meditation, and focusing on breathing can help with letting go of worries and fears.

The practice of yoga can activate the relaxation response of the nervous system, allowing both the body and mind to gain a sense of calm and ease.

You’ll learn:

to feel grounded, open, focused and rational
to relax the mind
to decrease cortisol production (stress-related hormone)
to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms
to lower high blood pressure
to increase sleeping pattern


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