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OM chanting: call it magic

What is OM chanting and why it is so beneficial

Cosmic vibration, the sound of the Earth, Earth’s beat, you might have heard of the Sanskrit word OM (AUM) with all these names but what exactly does it mean?

The Sanskrit word OM is referred to as the primordial vibration, where everything origin. 

OM is the natural musical pitch of the universe. It is found anywhere in nature.

Even though the spelling in English is OM, AUM is a more accurate pronunciation. 

The mantra OM is made of 3 sounds: A-U-M

A (Akaar) begins in the solar plexus and sends vibrations up into the chest. It represents the vibration of the creation. 

U (Ukaar) represents the vibration that preserves the creation. The sound moves up into the throat and forward along the upper palate

M (Makaar) represents the destructive vibration that dissolves the universe back into the Earth. It is a prolonged syllable and brings the vibration through the upper chakras.

A is the root chakra, U is the Heart Chakra, and M is the Third Eye. The silence at the end is the Crown Chakra, which connects us to the Universal Consciousness.

There is also a fourth sound: silence. The residue we have left with, once breath and sound fade away. It is the deep silence of the Infinite as the overall vibration rises through the body and into the Universe.

Om symbolizes the fact that everything, in life, regularly change – movement into stillness, sound into silence, this is an endless cycle of life.


OM: a beneficial vibration

OM chanting has beneficial effects on our brain, it makes us feel calm and peaceful. Why? The chanting of the OM mantra vibrates at the frequency of 432Hz – the same vibrational frequency found in all living things in nature.

The 432Hz frequency makes your body resonate naturally. This will fill you with a sense of peace and well-being.

Musicians such as Verdi or Mozart, even Coldplay, and Pink Floyd – also some electronic music DJs- tuned their music to this frequency, because of its healing energy and the “feel-good sensation” it produced.

Listening to 432Hz music, in fact, resonates inside your body, releases emotional blockages, and expands consciousness.

As you chant OM a feeling of energy starts rising from the lower part of the body to the top. As you recite Mmmm, the tension at the top of the head will leave your body.


OM chanting can get you completely rooted in your body and mind taking you outside of your own body and space. OM chanting in a group makes you feel deeply connected to the people around you.

It has a calming effect on the physical body and the nervous system, furthermore, has positive effects on the thyroid, it lowers the blood pressure and increases the health of the heart.

The mantra OM is a special one and considered the king of all mantras, start and end your yoga practice with OM Chanting and notice how the vibration into your brain produces an incredible feeling of well being.

Do you chant OM? Want to share your thoughts? I am thrilled to listen! Write your comments in the box.



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