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4 Reasons To Love the Rain

How to survive during rainy days

Alas, living in a north-European city means that rain and the grey sky are the norms, still, I can’t get used to that.

Because of my resolution to stop complaining about it, I wanted to find the silver line, so I did some research and discovered interesting facts about the rain.

The Chemistry Behind the Smell of Rain

First of all, the odour of rain has a specific name: Petrichor, so named by two Australian scientists in the 1960s. The odour of the rain is released when raindrops first hit the ground; it’s a combination of chemicals released by soil-dwelling bacteria, oils from plants, and ozone created when lightning splits oxygen and nitrogen molecules, which then turn into nitric oxide. 

I have childhood memories of my grandpa who was a farmer, describing how he could always “smell rain” right before a storm. Now I get why. 

1 – Feel the rain, feel relaxed

Do you feel relaxed while raining? It seems that walking in the rain has a healing effect on the body and mind. The smell of rain helps to reduce stress and raises the mood of up to 60%. Studies demonstrated that it has a calming effect and helps release suppressed emotions and thoughts. 

So, grab your raincoat and go outdoor! Feel the rain and let go of anything you don’t need anymore.

2- Improve your Sleep and Mental Focus

The sound of rain is considered pink noise, which is a mix of high and low frequencies that sounds balanced and natural to the ears.

Studies found that listening to pink noise improves the deep phase of sleep. Furthermore, it boosts cognitive functions and sharpens mental focus. 

For those chronically sleep-deprived and those who are looking to improve their performances, the soothing sound of the rain is pure magic. 

3 – No Rain, No Life

Even if rain isn’t my favourite type of weather, it’s good to remember that it’s more than an inconvenience. Rain is essential for human life. The freshwater rain provides essentials to the survival of every living organism, from plants to animals to humans. 

Something to keep in mind the next time the idea of going out in the drizzle is ruining my day.

4 – Perfect Time for yourself

If the sound of rain has relaxing effects, why don’t you use it as a welcome sign to pause, tune in within yourself, and reflect on all the good things in your life!  Be grateful for all that you have and mentally focus only on positive thoughts. 

Use this time to meditate, practice yoga, or simply sit quietly and allow your monkey mind to stay still. These practices are also helpful in overcoming periodic states of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

I know, this list might not help to change the bad weather, but maybe it will help to accept that rainy days are worth a second look! After all, yoga teaches us to be in love with Mother Nature, and rain is part of nature.

Recite this mantra every time you feel blue because of the rain: “I am so grateful for this beautiful world we call our home and I respect the rain”.

I leave you with a quote:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Stay dry and relax with the sound of the rain. 



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