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Premenstrual syndrome – Relief PMS symptoms with yoga

Premenstrual Syndrome is a natural phase of the beauty of femininity but, sometimes, can be a serious concern for many women. What is PMS? How yoga can help to ease the pain?

Soon or later, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is something that every woman needs to deal with.

Pain in the abdomen and pelvic region, migraine, nausea, bloating, pain in the knee or thighs, or reduced energy. Symptoms could vary for each woman but the result is the same: very annoying and often serious.

Premenstrual Syndrome (Dysmenorrhea) is a physical and emotional stress that many women experience about two weeks before the period.

The cause of PMS is unknown. It can be a sign of genetic, nutritional, psychological, and behavioral irregularities. Factors that may contribute to PMS symptoms include stress, psychological state, poor physical health.

What are PMS symptoms

Physical symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome can include:

  • abdominal bloating
  • acne
  • clumsiness
  • digestive issues, including constipation and diarrhea
  • fluid retention
  • weight gain
  • breast tenderness or swelling
  • joint or muscle pain
  • tiredness
  • poor sleep quality
  • food/sugar cravings
  • headache/migraine
  • hot flushes/sweats
  • food craving
  • increased sensitivity to sounds, light, and touch.

Although the cause of PMS isn’t clear, you can manage it with medications but also with more natural and holistic strategies.

In some cases, treatments that relieve PMS symptoms are serotonin inhibitors, which are mood stabilizers and antidepressants. These medications can improve premenstrual syndrome symptoms significantly by boosting brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). Isn’t this what yoga does? Boost serotonin, the feeling- good hormone!

Research done at The Yoga Institute has shown that yoga helped women with PMS, reducing menstrual pain and cramps, but also with emotional symptoms like depression, irritability, stress, and anxiety.

Dietary changes for PMS

A healthy diet is fundamental to get rid of PMS symptoms. A purely vegetarian diet, or Sattvik diet, is the best form of meal to consume during menstruation. During your cycle, ensure to include in your daily meals seasonal fresh fruits and green vegs, organic whole grains, sprouts. Also, dried nuts and seeds but in moderation.

A diet rich in nutrients restores immunity and alleviates anxiety.

Avoid certain processed foods, excess sugar, or salt. Alcohol, caffeine, and fats should also be avoided. Some foods and drinks, like coke, could trigger premenstrual headaches. You could probably substitute these with healthier options, like fresh juices.

Yoga Asana for PMS

A regular yoga practice, three times a week for forty-five minutes each, helps regulate hormones and PMS cycles.

Watch my video if you want to practice some asanas that help to deal with the PMS

One of the best asana for PMS is Savasana (Corpse Pose). It is a very gentle pose. It doesn’t require a lot of movement and helps with migraines. Because you’re focusing on the breath your mind will be clear of all thoughts and more relaxed.

How to do it: Lie flat on your back legs stretched out hip-width apart and arms by your side facing upward. Let your breath take over and breathe slowly. Stay in the pose for at least 5 minutes, but if you’re feeling physically exhausted stay longer.

Watch this video for a 15 Min Yoga for Premenstrual syndrome

Pranayama for PMS

Pranayama and relaxation techniques are beneficial remedies for PMS because they help to reduce stress & anxiety.

Follow these simple steps any time you want to relax your mind and release tension in the body:

  • Inhale through your nose with your mouth closed.
  • Imagine the air slowly expanding your rib cage, filling up your torso like a balloon.
  • Exhale through your nose, mouth closed, and keep the same tempo as the inhale.
    very gently pulling your belly toward your spine while you exhale.

This breath awareness will ensure a great release.

Premenstrual syndrome is not easy to deal with, but remember to be kind and loving towards yourself. Take this time as ‘your’ time, rest, sleep, read a book, massage your body with warm oil.

Remember: you are a Goddess!

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